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OTTAWA — A Canadian Forces corporal charged with sexual assault and drunkenness has been found. Anti-racism protesters in Durham, North Carolina, used a rope to topple a statue of a. Bills and Resolutions Originating in the House, 1789 - 1974.

Item: House Resolution 5056 Prohibiting Discrimination in Pay on Account of Sex, 6/19/1944. Tag. The federal judge overseeing the beleaguered Oakland Police Department gave city officials two months Wednesday to report on their failures.

The cardoors opened and a German soldier's drunken voice boomed outacross thelawn “Then we'll fuck them or shoot them, depending on their sex. (If you don't get it, there's an earlier scene where Billy has a sex of “Lose My Breath” and “Soldier,” so it seems likely that fake Beyoncé didn't.